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Kindergarten Bookkeeping

Standard Bookkeeping Services:

Accounts Receivable:

Entry of all transactions relating to monies received/receivable by the preschool (i.e. government funding, fees and fundraising.)

Summaries of: paid and outstanding fees and fundraising event funds are made available on a monthly basis.

Accounts Payable:

Entry of all payments made to: suppliers, contractors, expense reimbursements and any general expenses required.


Entry of all summary wage payment details.

General Transactions:

Entry of any general transactions not included in the above categories to facilitate a complete monthly reconciliation.

Reconciliation of the Bank Statement:

Reconciliation of all monetary transactions entered during the month to the monthly bank statements.

Month End Reports:

Supply month end reports, where possible before the monthly committee meeting:

  • Profit & Loss (Summary for the month and financial year to date, of all income and expenses incurred during the period.)
  • Balance Sheet (Summary of the status of the value of the preschools Assets and Liabilities as at the date of the report.)
  • Statement of Cash Flow (Summary of Cash received and paid during the period.)
  • Fee Register (Status of paid and outstanding fees as at the date of the report.)

Additional Services:

Payment of Accounts:

Involves the payment of all suppliers, contractors, expense reimbursements and any general expenses required


Completion and submission of  summary payroll timesheets to your payroll service (ADP - Payline), on a fortnightly basis, adjusted for any amendments required according to timesheets filed by employees. Amendments will need to be authorised by the appropriate committee member, usually the committee president or treasurer.

BAS (Business Activity Statement):

Completion and submition of  quarterly BAS forms.

Assistance in Annual Budgeting:

Involves meeting with executive committee members to discuss and review the projected annual budgeted income and expenses.

Preparation of all Year End Accounts and delivery to Auditor:

Peparation of the annual accounts, schedules and registers, required for an auditor to perform a complete annual audit, and liaison with the auditor as required to ensure that final audited accounts are made available for the preschool’s AGM.

Bank Signatory Amendment Forms prepared and submitted to the bank:

Involves the preparation of all bank signatory amendment forms to facilitate any additions or deletions of account signatories required, due to changeover in committee positions. This process needs particular attention to detail to effectively ensure the deletion of old signatories and addition of new signatories, as the banking forms are often not accepted unless precisely completed.

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Kindergarten Bookkeeping