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“Jane was indispensable in providing support to me in my role as President at East Beaumaris Preschool. Preschool Committees of Management although voluntary, hold a great deal of responsibility. Preschool's have unique relationships with DEECD and understanding this relationship and our obligations could be quite challenging. Our task was made much easier thanks to the support provided by Jane. Jane's experience in this field as both a volunteer and as a Business Manager, along with her professionalism, knowledge and trustworthiness ensured we could feel confident that the business side of our kinder was in good hands. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane's services to you and am happy to be contacted should you require any further information.”

Cherie Dear - President
East Beaumaris Preschool 2008/09

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the skills and experience of Jane to you. Jane was invaluable to me during my time as President at East Beaumaris Preschool (2010). Her assistance went beyond simply the financial, she was always available, and she was always a smiling face in what could at times seem a daunting world of regulation, red tape and reporting. I highly recommend her services to…”

Abigail Henderson - President
East Beaumaris Preschool 2010

“Since commencing my role at East Beaumaris Preschool in January 2009 as the teacher for the 3 year old preschool group, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to meet and deal with Jane both personally and professionally. During this time, Jane’s expertise has been of great assistance to me and also a vital ingredient to the overall operations of our preschool. Jane’s ongoing consulting role has meant our preschool has maintained a steady understanding of its financial situation irrespective of changes in committee members over the years.

Furthermore, due to Jane’s professionalism, accounting skills and approachable nature, our team at the preschool has been able to remain effectively informed, allowing fund allocations to be managed appropriately and positively. Personally, I Jane’s expertise and support has been invaluable to me - not only with general pay queries, but also in supporting me at a time when more complex issues relating to my pay and appropriate increments arose. Jane guided me through the details and was available for liaising when discussions arose with senior members of committee.

Since the introduction of the new VECTAA 2009 Agreement (Victorian early Childhood Teachers and Assistants Agreement), Jane has been available to provide some wonderful insight, supporting my general understanding and interpretation of some of the more complex departmental amendments in relation to our role classification and pay entitlements.

In closing, East Beaumaris Preschool has been fortunate to have Jane’s proficiency, expertise and approachability – helping us to remain conscious and current with regards to staff entitlements along with effectively managing our overall finances. Thank you Jane.”

Rebecca Burt – Teacher 3 yro Group
East Beaumaris Preschool

"Jane Kershaw has been working at East Beaumaris Preschool as our Business Manager over the past ----- years. Jane has provided us with an excellent service, which is tailored to suit the needs of our centre. Her manner is extremely professional and she always responds to any queries promptly. Jane has a friendly disposition, which makes her readily approachable. I would highly recommend Jane to potential employers"

Barbara Hooper – Teacher 4 yro Group
East Beaumaris Preschool